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First of all, he's a jerk. No matter what he feels you've done to him, he's acitng like a sissy. No guy should do that. It's not worth it to trying to go out of your way to patch things up to be his friend. Take this as experience.Secondly, you should never tell a female friend that a boy likes them if he told you. That's why he's so mad at you. You had been supporting of him when he was down, so he didn't worry when he knew you had told his secrets. But when the third girl came along, he felt you were being the person who told the other girl friends that you liked him and felt really let down. So he felt you had been two faced all along. That's why he lashed out.I think a simple letter telling him that you're sorry that you told those girls and were trying to help him will do. Give it to him at the end of the day so he won't spread it around in school. Maybe by the next morning he will aplogize to you. If not move on.The good news is this gets better when your older, unfortunetly at University. You have to keep a secret, no matter if you feel it will help someone. In this situation, it never does, Just learn to help your male friends by getting the other girl interested in him without telling her that he told you. Don't even mention that he likes her. Then you will have lots of male friends in the future to help you out. Good luck.References :


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